Inflexor and Parampara Portfolio

Steradian Semiconductors

SteradianSemi is a fabless semiconductor company focused on CMOS millimeter wave products for high resolution 4D imaging Radar. Founded by Industry experts in Wireless and RFIC design with more than 50 patents and several publications to their credit.

Investment Thesis: Autonomous Vehicles, AI, Deep Tech

Gireesh Rajendran - TI, Qualcomm and holds 40+ patents 
Apu Sivadas - TI, Ph.D, IIT Kanpur in milli-meter wave Engineering
Ashish Lachhwani - TI, Silver Medallist from IIT Madras

Atomberg Technologies (Partial Exit)

Atomberg is consumer technology company focused on design and manufacture of smart energy efficient fast moving consumer durables. They have developed a range of in-house proprietary technology resulting in 65% lower energy consumption when applied to ceiling fans.

Investment Thesis: Transition to “green products” in commercial and consumer sectors

Team: • Manoj Meena - IIT Bombay • Shibam Das - IIT Bombay

SecurAX Technologies

SecurAX provides proprietary cloud based intelligent biometrics based platform addressing enterprise requirements around time & attendance, access control and tracking. Current uses cases associated with HRMS, Payroll and ERP solutions; remote monitoring, logs management and report generation.

Investment Thesis: Focus on SME sector with labour reforms and cloud based SaaS

• Prasanna Kotha - Ex-Infosys
• Praveen Gongireddy- Ex-Infosys, Ex-Wipro

Data Resolve Technologies

Data Resolve operates in the area of insider threat management and is focused on addressing issues related to corporate fraud, data leak and employee productivity with security analytics via end points, from in-premise and on-cloud platforms.

Investment Thesis: Cyber security solution focusing insider threat management, privacy and data protection awareness

• Dhruv Khanna - IIM Calcutta
• Nagarjun Kota - IIT Kharagpur
• Deepanjan Biswas - IIT Kharagpur
• Devesh Mittal - IIT Kharagpur

Play Shifu

Play Shifu is consumer technology company focused on developing AR based games and gaming systems for kids between the ages of 2 – 12 years to help them in early learning.

Investment Thesis: AR/VR based educational games with a global market

• Vivek Goyal - IIT Kharagpur, Stanford (MBA)
• Dinesh Advani - IIT Kharagpur



Chakr Innovation

Chakr is an innovation led clean technology company focussed on reducing air pollutants and improving emission control. Propriety product with industrial acceptance.

Investment Thesis: Investment in the clean technology space focussed on solving the issue of air pollution and emission control

• Kushagra Srivastava - IIT-Delhi
• Arpit Dhupar - IIT-Delhi
• Prateek Sachan - IIT-Delhi
• Bharti Singhla - IIT-Delhi

Entropik Tech

Entropik Tech is India’s only EmotionAI company equipped with a full suite of emotion recognition technology options. Entropik Tech helps brands measure cognitive and emotional response of consumers towards content or product experiences, & Optimize these experiences to resonate emotionally with the consumer.

Investment Thesis: Investment in AI and Deep Tech Space

• Ranjan Kumar - IIT-Kharagpur
• Lava Kumar - MBA, William & Mary – Raymond A. Mason School of Business, 12 years of professional experience
• Vinay Sasi - MBA - Said Business School - Oxford, 16 years of professional experience



Singularity Technology takes aim at Logic Verification, a core chip design technology and decisively accelerates Time to Market and Response time to market needs at Lower Cost thus accelerating the development of customized Silicon solutions fueling the era of highly connected and automated world.

Investment Thesis: Investment in ML based chip verification

• Harish Kumar - 22 yr Intel veteran and has worked on several Lead CPU design projects
• Sushma Kumar - Computer Science from Portland State University and University of Mumbai


Verloop is Artificial Intelligence powered Customer Engagement Automation Platform

Investment Thesis: Investment in AI and Deep technology space


• Gaurav Singh - Highly energetic Intellectual with experience in Front-end, Ad serving systems, scalable platforms
• Piyush Mishra - Worked at Google, Built several high throughput, scalable systems



CloudSEK is an Artificial Intelligence powered Digital Risk Management enterprise. Provides analytics and actionable intelligence needed to tackle Surface Web, Dark Web and Deep Web threats.

Investment Thesis: Investment in AI and Deep technology and digital risk management


• Sourabh Issar - Highly experiencedwith international experience and many Fortune 500 companies
• Rahul Sasi - a thought leader and innovator in the cybersecurity vertical


Bellatrix Aerospace is a research and development company developing orbital launch vehicles (rockets) and electric propulsion systems for satellites.

Investment Thesis: Investment in space technology


• Rohan M Ganapathy - Aeronautical Engineer and is an active participant in the various astronomy platforms across the country
• Yashas Karanam - A seasoned Electrical Engineer with excellent management skills


3rdFlix is an edtech platform leverages deeptech technologies such as augmented reality, virtual reality and mixed reality to enable immersive education. 

Investment Thesis: Edu Tech, AI, VR/AR


Subbarao Siddabattula - Serial entrepreneur with a demonstrated history of successful startups in e-learning and healthcare industry
Ilangovel Thulasimani - Significant exposure to a wide spectrum of Technologies, Architectures, Process Methodologies and Practices.
Charu Noheria - 10+ yrs exp. in Operations & Technology

S-Cube (Exited)

S-Cube provides software solutions for structural and civil engineers. They have a range of software products catering to the structural engineering industry. Also designs and develops custom built software solutions. The primary focus is designing and developing software based Process Automation and Integration Solutions for the Engineering Industry. The company has been acquired by US-based Bentley Systems in December 2017.

• Sajit Nair - SPCE, JBIMS (MBA)
• Vishwas Date - IIT Bombay